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Transit - Brand Identity + Packaging


Identity Design + Packaging


May 2024

TRANSIT is a transportation and logistics company that prides itself on fast and reliable delivery. At CCB, we've designed a visual identity for TRANSIT that underscores these values through a logo inspired by the falcon—a powerful symbol of swiftness and efficiency. The falcon in the logo is simplified to convey direction and purpose, with its wings forming the top and bottom shapes of the design.

The wings are rendered in two primary colors of the brand: red and blue. The red signifies swiftness, while the blue stands for trust and commitment. These colors work together to reflect TRANSIT's dedication to fast and reliable service.

In terms of packaging, we've embraced a unique concept by designing the boxes and cartons to resemble logistics containers. This design choice not only stays true to the brand's vision but also enhances brand recall, ensuring that every aspect of TRANSIT's identity communicates its core values effectively.

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